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Public safety and Court data solutions


INTECH WORLDWIDE LP is a privately-held company providing records management, computer aided dispatch, case management and intelligence solutions to police departments, courts, immigration agencies, and coroner offices.


Why are we Different?


How we serve you...

Our objective continues to be building long-term relationships and providing a cost-effective, intelligent, open architecture based software solution that best fits your needs. We strive to provide a level of service that consistently exceeds your expectations.

Master File Efficiency


The INTECH brand utilizes four master files; Master Name, Master Location, Master Vehicle and Master Property, as its foundation. Current and historical data is accumulated in the master files to provide a comprehensive intelligence gathering solution. System integration features allow for transfer of electronic data to provide administrative accuracy and efficiency. The result is a reduction in administrative time and a powerful investigative tool.

Purchase & Update/Upgrade Options


We make our solutions available either as a purchase agreement with an annual support contract or as a service agreement. Both solutions include professional customer support and regular system updates.